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    Alma is a Tel Aviv based cultural and intellectual centre founded in 1996 by Dr. Ruth Calderon. Alma prides itself in being a Home for Hebrew Culture, for anyone, of any background, who wishes to acquaint oneself and feel at home within that culture. Alma views Hebrew Culture as a sea of knowledge and experience, text and context, filled by the three great rivers that run into it: Jewish Culture, Israeli Culture and General culture. Alma seeks to make this cultural blend a meaningful element in the identity of Jews in Israel and abroad.
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    “Daf Yomi” Daily Talmud study with Kobi Oz

    Sundays through Fridays, from 9:00 to 10:00.
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    MK Dr. Ruth Calderon's first speech in the 19th Knesset

    Learning and teaching the story of "Rabbi Love"
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