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The Beit Midrash in Alma is rooted and traditional, yet connected and relevant to reality, and the world of our young participants. The experience is creative and interactive, often involves an exposure to a variety of cultural media, and structured as a dynamic dialogue-based workshop. Participants are encouraged to think out loud and become – from their own unique perspective – part of the ever growing world of Jewish thought and discussion. By bringing together the classic and the contemporary, and by combining large-forum discussions with the intimate, old Chavruta method (small study teams), Alma's Beit Midrash provides an unconventional intellectual experience and developes a tolerant society, which encourages listening and self-expression, enabling participants to receive – and at the same time to generate – new insights and new depths.  

Since 1996, Alma has been leading the movement in Israel to reclaim and revive the studies of traditional Jewish texts and heritage, positioning Hebrew culture as an essential element of Jewish identity in Israel and abroad. Alma’s dynamic study programs and stimulating community outreach projects have positively affected thousands of secular Israeli and worldwide Jews. Alma educated hundreds of influential artists and cultural change agents, who have leveraged Alma’s mission and messages.Among the contents, the texts which being taught include Bible, Mishnah, Talmud, Jewish mysticism (including Kabbalah and Hassidic texts), Piyutim (sacred poems written in Hebrew), Jewish philosophy (since the Middle Ages), and modern literature (Jewish, Hebrew, and Israeli). While learning, we interweave world cultures including their literature, history, philosophy, and arts.


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