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About Alma

About Alma

Alma's educational center in Tel Aviv offers a new approach towards the teachings of the Jewish literary sources, and towards an exploration of the ideas and dilemmas, which affect Israeli and Jewish community today. Alma's  learning methods are interdisciplinary, pluralistic and dialogue-based, combining classic Jewish sources, such as the Bible and the Talmud with literature, poetry, philosophy and the arts –classical as well as  modern, Jewish as well as Universal. We welcome the realities of the "here and now", the public and the private, the world ("Alma" in Aramaic) and of the soul ("Alma" in Latin), and invite them into our study sessions, tours, lectures and public events.


Beit Midrash in Alma


The Beit Midrash in Alma is rooted and traditional, yet connected and relevant to reality, and the world of our young participants. The experience is creative and interactive, often involves an exposure to a variety of cultural media, and structured as a dynamic dialogue-based workshop. Participants are encouraged to think out loud and become – from their own unique perspective – part of the ever growing world of Jewish thought and discussion. By bringing together the classic and the contemporary, and by combining large-forum discussions with the intimate, old Chavruta method (small study teams), Alma's Beit Midrash provides an unconventional intellectual experience and developes a tolerant society, which encourages listening and self-expression, enabling participants to receive – and at the same time to generate – new insights and new depths.  




Alma's interactive walking tours in Tel Aviv trace the evolution of the unique Jewish urban space, from its inception as the first Hebrew city, located on a desolate sand dune back in 1906 to the bustling hub of culture and creativity of today. ALMA’s tours aim to bring together the historical with the contemporary. Our tours incorporate short text pieces from the works of inspiring authors, leaders and visionaries of the early-days of Tel Aviv. People that portray their hopes, dreams and ideas for the nascent Hebrew city. We seek to discover the meaning and relevance of these visions and see how they "speak" today, notice their reverberation resonate in the streets and realize how they still nourish the growth of Israeli culture and Jewish identity. 



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