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Alma views Hebrew Culture as a sea of knowledge and experience, text and context, filled by the three great rivers that run into it: Jewish Culture, Israeli Culture and General, universal culture. 

Alma seeks to make this cultural blend a meaningful element in the identity of Jews in Israel and abroad.

Alma's educational center in Tel Aviv offers a new approach towards the teachings of the Jewish literary sources, and towards an exploration of the ideas and dilemmas, which affect Israeli and Jewish community today. Alma's learning methods are interdisciplinary, pluralistic and dialogue-based, combining classic Jewish sources, such as the Bible and the Talmud with literature, poetry, philosophy and the arts –classical as well as modern, Jewish as well as Universal. We welcome the realities of the "here and now", the public and the private, the world ("Alma" in Aramaic) and of the soul ("Alma" in Latin), and invite them into our study sessions, tours, lectures and public events.




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