Eat Pray Love Text and ritual In Jewish life
בית לתרבות עברית
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Eat Pray Love Text and ritual In Jewish life

Eat Pray Love ~ Text and ritual In Jewish life

With Roni Cohen

Eight-session course in English

Every Tuseday 19:30-21:00

Chavruta (group) around the table with tea & biscuits



   ALMA house - Shadal st. 6 Tel-Aviv



The Jewish calendar is filled with texts. From prayers and blessings to liturgical poems and sermons, every holiday and occasion is defined by its use of written material. However, the existence of texts within different non-textual customs poses a series of questions: What are the exact connections between the Jewish rituals  and their accompanying texts? How ubiquitous was the contextual understanding of these texts? Are these works an inseparable part of the rituals? Do they function as "propaganda" for the participants, or do they suggest subversive content? This course will explore these foundational questions. Each week, you will have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with different kinds of texts connected to the Jewish ritual system - from the liturgic to the comical, and perhaps even the erotic. You will read and discuss different primary sources (translated into English). The course will encourage you to think critically, and to apply what you have learned to an analysis of the relationships between texts and customs from your own surroundings



Roni Cohen is a post-doctorate fellow at the Ben Gurion University of the Negev. His academic focus is on Jewish popular culture in Europe during the Late Middle Ages and early modern period. His Ph.D. dissertation, submitted in Tel-Aviv

.'University, is entitled: 'Canon and Carnival: The Medieval Parodies for Purim 


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